Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Are we there yet??"

“Meet me at the group gate on the upper level of Terminal C,” the text message ran across our cell phone screens as we were arriving at Newark International Airport. As we began to gather, a twist truly started our day. It was only 7 a.m. but WAIT!!!! “Where are Lexi and Molly?”

Our group received word that our classmates were stuck in traffic due to a horrific bus accident south bound on I-95. They arrived with only 5 minutes left to board.  Our flight successfully took off at 8:50am.  Most of us caught up on much needed sleep.  As we approached our destination we admired the breathtaking views of the Central American coastline, the blue-green Caribbean Sea and it’s beautiful reefs.  We have now arrived to the lovely country of Belize. 

To our surprise, we exited the airport to see a MUCH smaller bus then expected, leaving us to wonder if everything and everyone would fit.  After a 4 ½ hour flight and a few hours on the road, “Are we there yet????” was the question on everyone’s mind.  Five hours into our road trip every house, store, and bus stop suddenly became “Hotel Hello.”   Day turned to dusk and dusk turned to night, during which we saw incredible scenery, lush forests, a mountain called “The Sleeping Giant,” and expansive brush fires. 

After 14 hours we got to say hello to “Hotel Hello,” in Independence Village within  the Stann Creek district.  We settled in and gathered together for our first Belizean feast.  We sat at a long Thanksgiving-style table and enjoyed homemade rice and delicious chicken topped with famous hot sauce from Marie Sharp, a Belizean entrepreneur. 

Now it’s time to say goodnight as we prepare for day 1 of filming and our first adventure at a shrimp farm.

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