Monday, March 14, 2011

Shooting Day 1 and Production Has Just Begun!

We woke up excited to finally meet Linda Thornton whom we’ve been researching for the past two months.  Linda arrived at Hotel Hello to greet us around 8:45am.  After our initial introductions we loaded everyone on the bus to Cardelli Farms.  Two students accompanied Linda in her truck in order to film a casual interview.

When we got to Cardelli, the 400 acre farm, we were surrounded by two large rectangular ponds.  As media students we are always searching for the perfect shot.  On top of the hill, in between the two ponds, we found a great panoramic view of the farm.  This became the best place to film our first interview with Linda.

Professor Andrew Revkin conducted the brief interview with Linda.  We will be conducting a more formal interview within the next couple of days.  Linda described her role in the sustainable shrimp farming industry.  She discussed her reason for opening Cardelli farms and why Belizean shrimp are among the best in the world. 

“Imagine an eyelash with two little eyes on the end”, said Linda, as she was trying to assist us in locating some of these infant shrimp.  We had a difficult time finding these tiny crustaceans because of the sun’s reflection off the pool.

A Cardelli Farm employee came by to feed the shrimp, and one rather daring graduate student laid on the floor of a small canoe in order to film.  She left feeling a little less dry than she had before entering the boat.  Witnessing Cardelli Farms first hand really gave us a sample of what’s to come.  Cardelli is a fraction of the size of the next farm, Aqua Mar.

After our day of filming, we took the Hokey Pokey Ferry to the more tourist driven town of Placencia.  At the beach we were able to catch our breath and enjoy the sun, since this past winter was filled with an abundance of snow and ice in New York.  We know our journey has just begun and we look forward to what’s in store for us as we continue exploring this beautiful Central American country.

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  1. Great Presentation of the Cardelli Farms, Keep up the great work :)